A Girl's Tear

First of all, let me admit that I'm a bit, teeny bit crybaby. When I was a bit younger back then, I always cry whenever my lovable parents distance away even just a bit from me. Sad songs, don't literally makes me cry on the spot, but with the correct fusing with a sad memory, any songs will be enough to catalyst a cry. And dead relative, that would really sucks, as I will just lose myself completely...

Now, why the hell am I going all the trouble of telling this? It's supposed to be a secret so nicely hidden inside myself, no one ever able to know about it, so why? As I'm writing this further, I kept exchanging glances between the Publish Post button and the post itself, wondering whether I should do it or not.

Some days ago, maybe Wednesday, maybe Thursday, I was hanging out around a mate's room. Fooling around a bit, suddenly I noticed two guys were talking inside a room, well not exactly with each other, but one was talking with someone else on the phone, with the loudspeaker on. Curiosity got me by the neck, insisting that I go to check it out. I usually don't bother such scenario, but that night instinct won the moral match.

I heard a girl's cry. Oh okaaay ;I . There's this guy talking to her, no, it was more of a consoling. I eavesdropped on the conversation(the guys didn't mind at all), and I finally got a grasp of what's truly happening here, regarding my past knowledge and the fact that I know them all that are involved.

There's this girl, labelled S, and a guy, labelled A, that went into the deep world of Malaysian couples together. It was all so innocent, all of us were just starting to start our very own university life, and they decided to do it together. They went out to the McD together, SMSed every night, and so on. A love story, typical yet each with a unique story of their own, and to them, their story was one to be cherished together.

And it so happened that time past by everyone's life. A, which is a class rep, a top-class athlete, a charming actor, and an aspiring singer, happened to realize that his university lifestyle is not kind enough to let him off with S for a lover's charade. He has his priority straight, the gf is one rung below his education. So he decided to part ways with the girl, a temporary break-up.

S, understandably, can't see why this is so. She cried, and demanded that A talks to her, which he avoided doing since some time. And at the almost-there-climax-of-it-all, I was there when S finally called a friend, the guy that was talking on the phone with her, to demand that A to tell her the truth. I just sat there, as the drama unfolded in front of me, and I just can't helping myself to think...

Why did she cry, was it because she loved him?

I cry a lot, especially when (confidential), but I never had before cried for someone that I loved deeply, other than my own family and relatives. I used to have a girlfriend once, and we got separated. I don't remember crying because of her, though its mainly because I'm the one who left her. Yet, I used to cared for her deeply and I am still thinking about her sometime. Yet, the tears were never there to cherish her, to cherish my love towards her.

OK, I went a little too mushy over here. But that's just my weaknesses. When I heard the S' cries, I became curious about it, and given many thoughts about it, and poof, the post here. Maybe I wrote too long again, and I doubt anybody will read until the finish. So my last thought here, on the last sentence...

I really have soft spot against crying woman, so people please, don't cry in front of me. I shed them as easily as watching others got hurt


  1. waa.. ur text was cery touching..
    im a crying maniac, fyi..
    haha.. istilah ape aku gune nih..?
    btw, x sgka ek ko ni msti jiwang kan??

  2. to azu
    aku xde la jiwang sngt
    just a little bit soft where its rough, get me?

    to FARAH
    wow what? is that sarcasm???

  3. haha.. hang mmg mamat jiwang pown..;p
    da la pendiam gler.. ptut la hang tulis blog hang dgn penuh perasaan..;p jgn mrah har.....!