UPSR, PMR, SPM : A Summary

Its over now, all those big giants in my growing up everyday life
Finally, all the meaning of my life as a child and also as a teen
Its over, finally, so quick at that one too
I didn't have a chance at all to sit down
And ponder on what's coming up next, a scary thought

Firstly first, the results overall
UPSR, 4A and 1B, which is Science
PMR, 6A and 2B, which is Geography and PI
Finally, SPM, quite the eye opener here
BM, BI, Maths, and EST is A1
History and PI I managed a A2
Chemistry, scraped a B3, somehow
Add Math, Biology and Physics is B4
Quite bad, for a MRSM student like me
Everybody else is so much better than me
Especially in Science's subject, unlike how I fared
Which sucks, terribly

The expectations suddenly died
Life suddenly feels so different
And the worst of all, I suddenly realized that I'm getting older
And one bad things of feeling oddly old is
You have great tendency to remembers thing a lot
Family, friends, teachers, cohorts, places, peoples, stuff
Its like being in a trance, with all these feelings on me now
But such is the aftermath of a student's life abrupt ending
Bigger things are coming my way now, and there's simply
No way to be stupor in memories of the old days
Forget it, forget them all, universities coming
The real pinpoint of life, of what you shall become later on
Life begins yeah, so better start firing my backside now
Or else, I'll be left behind

But, such thing is not starting yet
Though it has already begin its momentum
So I found myself alone in my room
Thinking, again and again and again
I remembered a phrase from Squall Leonheart
"I hate to have nothing to do, because it makes me think a lot" such is his words
It can be related to me now, so I'll use that
And the thing that bothers me the most is my SPM result, not surprisingly though
Finally I realized the side of myself that I've never seen before
All that I thought of myself is wrong, my perceptions
And realized my own capabilities
My own weaknesses is not trying to improve myself
Whatever it is, it's like somebody suddenly shoved a mirror in front of my face
And that terrible truth struck me so hard
I felt from reality, real bad

But no matter, I can always stand up again
Because I know, my family and friends is there supporting me
And I can always depend on Allah S.W.T to help me
All I have to do is try to stand up on my own again
All the prayers and all the love
Please help me, help me get on with life...


  1. ooiiihhh
    syukur laa spm dpt byk tu
    aku ada C xhingaq pn ..
    bte, thaniah laa dpt U..
    aku xdpt .. sob3..
    gud luck btw

  2. gEwd luck bro..
    thE most important thing...
    dun givE up what EvEr u do..

  3. upsr-pmr-spm...

    all of those things make student nowadays shut off their mind to the world...

    they cannot see things beyond those 3 things...

    if u doesn't get a good result the u will die...

    heck...i hate those type of thinking...

    failure is juz a delayed success...but no one seems to realize it...

    it so sad,huh...

  4. thankz 4 da comments people! wish me luck yuh!