Head-2-head With Polis

Bangkai betul lah
I got caught in a roadblock for the first time
Because I carry a passenger
When I only have an L license
Dammit, I gotta go to court on 28th of July
Bloody nuisance, I'm already far away that time
And surely, some scolding from my father
That's gotta be such a pain in the ass...


  1. lEr..
    lEsEn L mana lEh bwk passEngEr...
    diE nEh..
    abihtu lEsEn L kEnE gantung tak?

  2. xtau la kena gantung ke x
    lmbt lg kena gi court
    tp x kesah laa
    xleh bwk moto
    ada keta nnti bleh bwk
    pas lepas dpt lesen nnti