Addicted to Music

I love musics, in fact I'm addicted to them
Though its bad, getting addicted, I know
But still, I can control it somehow
I don't buy mp3, and only listen to radio and on com
Still, the quench for music is still there
well, maybe if I write about some of my
All-time favourite songs and bands, it might help
Help me appreciate these tunes inside my head
That just won't get out of there

Raihan, I totally head over heels with these guys
Well, the Raihan from before to be exact
To me, they are the best nasyeed group ever in Malaysia
I in fact grow up with their songs
Everytime I go to school back then
Raihan cassette was played everytime
I got so used to them that I can remember their lyrics
By heart, every single word of it
Even until today

Innuendo, perhaps the first love song I've heard
I can still remember Belaian Jiwa being crooned
Back then when it was so famous
With that song I began to fall in love with
What they call jiwang and blues song
The tunes is so beautiful, it lulls you into sweet dream
And the lyrics is so inspiring, it sticks with you
Plus, I had some good memories with that song
When I was still young, I used to
Sing this song with a good old friend
A friend that I never meet again
And singing this song brings up that memories...

Ronan Keating, just who wouldn't love them?
Perhaps the sucker that say love song is for sissy
And boy band is for gays, really, those freaks
But seriously, his love song is so wonderful
Their lyrics is so memorable and sweet and nice
If Tomorrow Never Comes, for example
The lyrics seems to be very connected to me
As a recently I've lost someone dear to me
Read the lyrics, and you'll know what I mean
PS, listen to Father and Son
A collaboration of Ronan Keating and Yusuf Islam
A very nice song, everyone should listen to it

Bad Day by Daniel Powter
Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows
Both are a piece of nice love song
Whenever I hear these songs
I will stop whatever I'm doing, and listen
Bad Day's video clip is so touching
I regard it as the best ever video clip
And Accidentally In Love is the same as Belaian Jiwa
In that song, lies the memories of someone
Someone used to be very important to me...

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, introduced me to Rock n Roll
A single view of Californian video clip
I was smitten, I fell in love instantly
And as I listen to more of their piece
I realized how I liked their music so much
Especially the guitar play by Flea, mind-blowing
I started to move from R&B and started head jamming
These guys totally changed my perception about music
And made me more open minded

Jon Bon Jovi, simply classic
It's My Life, Wanted Dead Or Alive
Have a Nice Day, Thank You for Loving Me
To me, his song is very unique
As if it stands alone in the music industry
Yet it is still so beautiful, and mesmerizing
He will always be legend in my eye

Jason Mraz, the indie wonder man
He specializes in love songs
And has produced the best of them in the business
To me, the best of all is You and I Both
I can still remember when I was so little
I used to watch the video clip, amazing artwork
And years later when I heard it once again
I felt excitement rushing up my head
It felt really good, that excitement
Its like to have found a long lost friend
And that was what Jason Mraz's song did to me

Nickelback, simply wonderful
These Canadians rockers sure are amazing
Many of their songs is my favourites
This Is How You Remind Me, Rockstar
And If Everyone Cared, a song where
It promotes peace by reminding us
To care and love others and not hate them
They can never be better than Jon Bon Jovi
But they came close

Within Temptation, the only goths song I listen to
Their first song I ever listen to is Somewhere
Somebody made a video clip of Final Fantasy X using the song
And it was perfect, the song is so beautiful
The lyrics synced perfectly with the story
The video clip became a perfect portrait
For the love story of Tidus and Yuna
(Plus, Final Fantasy X is my fav game)
And after that I began listening to other WT
I later found out that they are almost perfect
I loved almost every one of their song
Eventhough I later found out that they are
Gothic-based band, I'll just bear with it

Paramore, a refreshing source of music entertainment
These punks sure make some very good musics
I only recently listen to them by recommendation
But I instantly fell in love with them
Their song somehow reminds me of the spunks
That Red Hot Chilli Peppers' song had, though different
And I need no more reasons to start a collection
I listened to all of their songs
And not so surprisingly, I liked them all

Gosh, I wrote too much again
I doubt anybody will ever read up until this point
Nevertheless, I don't care
I blog for the fun of it
And as I'm writing this particular post
I feel real nostalgic, going through these songs
It seems like I was going back from back then to the present
And the wonderful part of it
Its like watching a video clip of my life

It's real bad to be addicted to music
But as I listen to Belaian Jiwa writing this blog
I guess a few songs to soothe the heart
Can't do me much harm, can it?


  1. heh...byk benda serupa la...tiru aku ka??huhu