Fat, and lonely

I really hate to have nothing to do
In this house, far away from the outside world
As every minutes passed me by
I was doomed to what nearly turned me
Into a stupid, fat desperate guy

Hate it when I have no motivation
Peace which is totally too much for me
Turned me into a cat that is fed every day
No more instincts for survival left in him
And are even afraid of their own prey, namely mouse
How bad that is, as it is inevitable
Here I am, a fattening cat of a rich somebody
I'm not cat cute, which damn sucks yeah

How I missed the schools day
At least, I have quite a purpose in life back then
And some friend to keep me company
Some things meaningful to do either
Even as stressful as study, it is
Though I won't be able to watch animes anymore
I gotta set my priorities right
Gotta admit life back then is more exciting
Heh, thinking back how I hated the schools
And were wishing that I will be like what I am now
Owhhh, be careful of what you wish for
Like they say...

Some of my friends is going to Matriks soon
And that include those to IPTS
I will not be going anywhere soon
How I envy them, peculiar things to say eh?
Anyway, I wish you guys luck
No matter how you perceive things like
I sincerely hope that you guys will be succesful
Later on in life
Goodbye for now
And don't forget me just yet

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