Happy Mother's Day

And to whom shall I dedicate this blog to
None other than my mom, wouldn't it?
But the reality is, I probably won't say it to her
I'm not being cold-hearted, as it may seem
Just that it is so

Can you imagine
18 years of living in the house
I've never celebrate Mother's Day at all
Not to mention Father's Day, Valentine's
Surprisingly, not even our birthday's
I can't remember how things turned to be so
At least, we can wish each others at our birthdays
Somehow we became so stiff at such events
Therefore, these days I appreciate birthdays wishes
If anyone ever remembered it and wished me birthdays
I'll remember them forever, and will always
Wish them birthdays forever as I'm able to

Anyway, back to the main point
It's Mother's Day today, 11th of May, isn't it
Just thinking how others are wishing their mothers
My neighbour came in earlier on and said that
Her daughters will want to cook for all day
And let their mom rest for the rest of the day
How sweet of, not only did they wish their mom
They also give an effort to please their mom
How am I jealous of that

I loved my mother
No matter how many times she annoys me
All the chores, all the complaining
I still loved her, above all else, other than
Allah S.W.T and Muhammad p.b.u.h, of course
Even if I can't find myself saying to her
Therefore, I'm writing a blog in hope of
A bit of salvation for myself
I guess maybe I can do something else for her
Water the plants, whatever to help her out, eh?

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