Letting go

Have you ever loved someone
Loved her or him so much that the world seems to be yours
And to be waking up someday realizing
She or he will never be with you again?
Have you ever been hurt so much
The half-heart you gave to her or him
The most precious gift to show your dedication
To be smashed just like that?
Have you ever wondered why
This person that you loved so but is a stranger
Only to win your heart with words
But to break it with words also?

Letting go is very damn hard
Somehow it seems to be harder than to fall in love
But life is never bed of roses
All good things come to an end, as they say
Letting go is so damn hard, did I say that already?
When your only salvation from loneliness is her or him
Somehow letting go is like scarring yourself on purpose
It is never pleasant, nor it have pity on us
All the time we are with them
All those I love you messages
All the calls every Friday night
Letting go is hard
It is because I love her
And I can't forget her...

But life goes on
There's nothing worse than a weeping sucker
For a guy like me whose family depends on to
For a guy with friends that trust him
For a guy that the society cares for
For a guy Allah gave him a life
To nourish in this world, and to preserve
All the gift given to him in this world
My duties is yet to be fulfilled
How can I sulk and let myself down?
I have a lot to do now

Letting go sure is hard
But I realize now it must be same for the opposite
Everybody loved somebody, and perhaps got hurt later
But there's more to life, we can't give up
Kumbang bukan sekor, bunga berkuntum-kuntum
You have to set your priorities right
Whatever happened is in the past
No use pondering on it anymore
What's important is how to stand up again
Seeing her happy makes me realizes that
How she is seeing someone again
In a much better way than with me
Plus consent from her parents, which I can never have
She was also hurt, but she is letting go
And so should I, as a matter of fact
Gotta learn from her, haha
She's 4 years younger than me

Anyway, doesn't the love stories everywhere
Suggest that even if you can't be with your love
Seeing her happy is enough remedy to cure the old scar?
She is so happy nowadays, no more goofing around
With a jerk like me, better that way
I'm just happy, anyway
That somehow she did got something from me, in a good way
Like how I told her that I prefer girls that wear kurung
How she changed after that, going to OU in kurung
While others are in their jeans
And her relationship with her father is better
Even for at least a little
I'm glad that I did something good for her after all
Thinking that she will grow better next time
Though it will no longer be with me alongside

Sacrifice sucks, breakups too
But a pakcik once said to me
Kumbang bukan sekor, bunga berkuntum-kuntum
Let life be lah, forget her
Get going, Ariff

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