Cats, and me

Honestly la kan, I really like cats
I'm not trying to garner any affection from the opposite sex or
Something dishonest like that
Simply, I just LOVED cats so much
I don't care what others think about that
Seems like everybody hates cat around my house, other than my sis
And almost all the guys I knew when I was growing up
They did kick the cats out when they are sniffing their feet
Rather than holding them with love and care
Pfft, cruel people...

I basically grew up with lots of cat around the vincinity
They are all may kinds of stray cat around my neighbourhood
And one, was destined to be fond of me, and stayed around for good
It was a female, with patches from previous battles
Not too beautiful, and such a skinny body, till the end of it
Bloody, I called her miaow, what a stupid name an 8 year old can came up with
Anyway, that's my first cat ever, the heart of everything those days
And the wonderful thing about her, or disastrous to my mom
Being a female, she sure gave us many descendents for us all
Four of the greatest cats I ever owned came from her womb

I grew up with cats, how the facts touched me so much
Looking up the old days, I realized that those cats were
My companions, whenever I was lonely
How I turned to them whenever I felt lonely
And those constant hours, when it was raining outside
I would hold them close to my heart, against their own heartbeat
I became mushy, simply because cats is such a gentle creature
I found closure in them, when I can't trust others
My childhood is such a fragile one
I don't think I could survive without the cats
Not before I learn how to trust the others
How cats gave me strength before
Thinking back, I was so damn grateful

Nowadays, I realized why am I so lonely
Maybe one of the reason is because there more cats in my life
Therefore, this is one of my way to remember them
Hopefully, one of these days
I can find find the replacements of the wonderful creatures
And find back the strength I once sought from these guys

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