Hikmah behind Misfortune

After falling again and again and again
I finally realized how useful patience can be
All these times I heard my old mans say
Sabar tu separuh daripada iman
Wala assobru minal iman
Setiap benda yg berlaku tuh ada hikmahnya
I didn't understand then, but now
After many bad things that happened to me
I realized that things somehow turned for the better
Even when it started happening, I felt like
This is so bad, nothing can be done
But eventually, as they say
Things do turn out the better if you just
Be patience and calm

I've done many mistakes in the past
But still, no bad things ever happen to me
After all these years, only now that I realize that
Maybe it is all because of my family
My mom never stopped praying for me
And my dad spent lots of money correcting my mistakes
Maybe its time to make it up
Time to pay back for their deeds...

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