Teacher Practice XD

I can't even notice what is the date today
All of a sudden, I was here among all the teachers
Around me in the staff room, heh
Being the only kid here, you sure get all the attention
My sis already left to the main hall where
The form 5 students are taking their exams
Sure is boring here, after a while

Last night some relatives of mine, a girl
Who came from Terengganu, drop by here
Cause she had to attend PLKN at Perlis
So she thought she could stay at my home the night before
So me, being the gentlemen (shy is most probably :P)
Offered to get my backside out of the house
So she could have her privacy around my house
Neither she nor I can stand staying in a house together
Its just to uncomfortable, and so not nice of
So the night later I'm at my sis' house
And the next thing I know is that
I followed her to her workplace
Namely MJSC Kubang Pasu

Since I'm going for TESL anyway after this
I thought that I could try expose myself a little
To the secret world of teaching profession
Get a feel of the teachers, you know what I mean?
So strolling down the pathway to the staff room
I met lots of teacher around
Some I knew from MJSC Beseri
Ustaz Manzur, Teacher Shima, Ckg Azaidi, Ckg Ajis
Greeted some, avoided others, what can I say?
And I had some conversation with the teachers there
I'm glad to have done so, I learned many new things

Never had I known before, how much
Difficult is a teachers life, well around paperworks that is
You gotta do all the stuffs yourself, without help
And yet, as a student, I had never known before
Sure, maybe I can figure out on my own
But only now I realized how tough a teacher's job can be
Don't forget marking, with loads of papers to check
Now I realized it, I felt bad for bad-mouthing my teachers
When they made a mistake at marking my papers
When they had so many papers on them
It's just human to do the mistake
And school's activity and all the report
Which they had to arrange and make on their own
That sucks

One funny thing is, there's this one very puny guy
I guess he must be in Form 1 at least
Actually referred me as a teacher
When I was goofing off on my laptop, reading online manga
I wondered what made him into doing that
I was wearing a plain black t-shirt, nothing special
And I was clearly goofing off around, manga, people
But anyways, it left me wondering
Despite all the hardworks the teacher had to endure
Maybe it was worth it all
Because of the student (as I used to be)
The way they talk, the way they walk
All around the staff room, I see them wander by
Hungry for knowledge and, somehow
This makes the teacher feel happy to help them
I see that a lot around here, and it made me
A little happy perhaps, that maybe one day
I can feel the same way too

Teaching sure is one helluva tough job
But I have made my mind now
Nothing else is gonna stop me now

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