Firadatul Jannah

"Jannah, can you please take that cup for me" I asked Jannah.

"Why don't you take it yourself?" she shot back.

Really, she can be such a monster sometime.

Behind that very beautiful face of hers.

"Ow come on, pleaseee?" I tried again.

She left me, and that is that.

"Ahh, and you know I hate Riz" I raised my voice a bit so she can hear me.

Riz is a true monster, he just won't forget our wrongdoing to him.

And recently I spilled Milo on his table, really bad mistake.

He took my cup, and kept it since.

"You know him, he won't give it back to me, Jannah" I called again.

"And you think he'll give it to me?" she shouted from inside.

"You're a girl, maybe he'll do listen to you" I said.

Silence, I really hate that from her.

Meaning you'll never gonna hear a word again.


I never really got to understand Jannah.

3 years of working together doesn't help at all.

"Fira, come here" Farah, her friend called for her.

Fira, only her close friend can call her that.

Which means butterfly, Firadatul.

"Farah!" giggled Jannah, clearly have a gossip to discuss.

"Hey, our work is still not finished" I cut them both.

"Hehe, surely you can manage without me" Jannah smiled at me.

Really, how can I say no to that.

"Whatever jelaa" I sighed.

I stole a glance at them while working.

How can I concentrate on work?

Not while she kept smiling there.

"Spying on Jannah again?" Zhaf appeared from nowhere.

"Huh, what, no, no way" I blushed.

"Really, your face is red" he grinned at me.

"Its real hot here" I looked the other way around.

"Yeah, with Jannah around" he grinned even wider.

Really, Zhaf can be so annoying sometimes.

So annoying that he really understands me.

I continued work, nevertheless.


Riz is still mad at me, from the way it looks like.

Still, I'm really thirsty, and I won't buy drinks downstair.

"Hey, umm, Riz" I said trying on a conversation.

"Is it work, if not..." he said without looking at me.

"Well, uhh, about yesterday" I said lower.

"You want your cup again?" he asked, this time looking at me.

"Yeah, and sorry about yesterday" I said finally.

"No" came the answer.

He can be such a jerk sometime.

Well, I won't take it from him.

"What?! I mean, why not?" I asked him.

"You need to be punished" he exclaimed.

Ow come on, I cleaned up and said sorry.

Though he gotta retype all the documents.

"Riz, man..." I said before he cut me.

"You need to be punished" he said that again.

"Don't be a jerk Riz" Jannah called from the otherside.

Was she listening all this time?

"No, he need to be punished..." Riz exclaimed again.

"Just give him back his cup and get to work" Jannah told him.

"Hey just mind your own business" Riz shot back.

While he was focused on Jannah, I saw my cup.

I took it and left.

"Just shut up, jerk-ass" Jannah gave the final say.

As she was getting back to office, we crossed path.

"Thanks, Jannah" I smiled.

"I just can't help it" she smiled back.

That kept me energized all day long.


"Finished already?" Zhaf asked me.

"Done" I take a sip of coffee to make a point.

"So what are you doing tonight?" Zhaf inquired further.

Now I haven't thought of that.

"Why don't you ask Jannah out?" Zhaf said.

"Huh, what..." I'm still reluctant about that when he suggested it.

"Farah got work tonight, so she said Jannah will be alone" Zhaf said.

Now, that's something.

"You really think I should ask her?" I gotta ask his opinion.

But he left, without saying a word.

What's his problem?

"Ask me what, Ariff?" Jannah came out of nowhere.

Dammit, I'm not prepared at all.

"Um well" I'm practically whispering.

"Come on, say it out loud" Jannah said.

"Well, are you free tonight?" I finally decided to push my luck.

"Kind of, yeah" and she suddenly smiled.

Of all things amazing and wonderful, this is one of it.

"Wanna go have a drink or something?" I said at last.

"Sure" Jannah's smile did not fade even a bit.

That's it, after waiting for 3 years.

She went past me, her smile still can be seen.

Finally, I can try to understand her a bit more.

My beautiful angel, butterfly from heaven.

Before she close the door, she gave me another smile.

"Thank you Allah, for giving me another chance" I prayed in silence.

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