Tag huh?

Somebody tagged me so uhhh...
Should I do it like this?

1. 7 facts about me
2. 7 things that scares me
3. 7 current songs
4. 7 words I that like to say again2
5. 7 most important things
6. 7 of my firsts
7. 7 blog got shot huh...

~lonely but don't mind
~chubby cause I just can't help it :P
~sucks at driving both car and motorbike
~like nasyeed but also listen to goths music, at the same time
~have a mild necrophobia
~real damn shy with girls, especially the beautiful ones
~abhor politics so much

~rain (certain time only)
~left alone in this world
~fall from a tall building
~those geisha dolls

~Our Farewell by Within Temptation
~Tell Me Baby by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
~Misery Business by Paramore
~The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls
~When I Get Home, You're So Dead by Mayday Parade
~Father and Son by Ronan Keating feat Yusuf Islam
~Father and Daughter by Paul Simon

~Errk, Alhamdulillah
~Uarghhh... Astagfirullahalazim
~You bloody bitch

~my faith in Islam
~myself as in health
~my parent
~my sisters and brother
~family everwhere
~my life

~fall in love (form 5)
~stayed in a dorm with strangers (form 4)
~my first motorcycle and car ride (after SPM)
~alone in the house for about 2 weeks, damn lonely (form 3)
~first breakup (form 5)
~ride a go-kart (entah bila)
~travelled alone from Kedah to KL (form 3)

~no idea


  1. ur not lonEly bro..
    u havE mE and othErs to bE ur frEn.. :)