Picture Perfect

Salam. If a picture can convey a thousand words composed into a beautiful essay, then this would be one. Just a small fraction of a life's story, but then again, it's the little thing that matters aite?

If only Asasi Tesl 08/09 will forever be there for me and everyone else ehh? If only time does not work its dread on us all, then we all would just stay the same...

Can't friends stay as friends? Without the close one to you went far away? Without the closest one avoiding you because she thinks you had this feeling for her? Without the one that you truly like hating every bit of you?

Hell, degree had just started for me, but how I wish it will end tomorrow. And me saying this by the moment I got hold of my degree certificate...

"Now, why I choose Tesl anyway?"

Ujian komputer Selasa ini. HOHOI~


  1. A true meaning to the phrase 'picture perfect'. =)

  2. Haha yup~ Thanks for the opinion, really appreciate it there :)

  3. it rly is picture perfect. :')
    unfortunately, im not in it. :'(