Of Ramadhan's Pleasure and Cats and Children

Salam. First day of class in Ramadhan and somehow, I felt extraordinarily happy and things could never be wrong today. And it started on the first day of fasting month, where I quelled my anger towards a friend, and later on being so grateful of doing so

Ramadhan, a truly amazing and wondrous month, filled with many little miracles ^^. Plus, it has been raining frequently for quite a while now, which makes fasting a bit smoother to the body, and I have no qualms on this constant rain like usual, somehow

Oh yeah, another reminiscing mode began to invade my thoughts again. And of course, it is just normal for me to reminisce on my childhood memories whenever I'm in a situation where it is the easiest to pinpoint an exact memories, for example this very fasting month itself. Suddenly, my mind began to wander back to the time when all of my nephews and nieces were all gathered in my house, all of them, 13 of them fasting together in the family and having such fun. Really, I miss hanging out with the older boys outside the house, playing games with the bit younger ones, keeping the babies entertained, and teasing the girl, the only one niece that I have back then when Elsa was not born yet, almost all grown up now

Seriously, it's kind of fun to be fasting here in Shah Alam with lots of friend together, but sometimes, I can't escape the feeling of loneliness and being left out, which I'm sure everyone will feel all the same too. Being apart from family, it's a real challenge, but yeah, it's a lesson well-learnt. Like the last episode of Honey and Clover, Yamamoto realised that in order to know how much you care and love someone, you need to be further apart from them

And then, when you miss them so much, you start to realise how very important they are to you, and that's the time when you learn how to truly love someone and care for them...

And yeah, it didn't stop just there. Somehow, just somehow, at the same time too I've been missing all the cats in my life like hell. And reading Ryurisora's blog didn't help at all, now I'm starting to remember back my dreams of having my very own camera to take the pictures of the world, especially the cats huhu...

I'm missing Etong terribly. Both the cat, and the black demon plushies that I gave her...

Tetiba rasa seronok pulak kelas waktu Ramadhan haha~ Tak sabar nak buka puasa dengan every kawan yang aku ada dekat Shah Alam ini ^^


  1. bila pulak nak bukak puasa dgn aku?

  2. ko bile bleh dtg shah alam?
    mati aku kalu nk gi cheras
    jom ar gi mid, nk?

  3. A good piece, indeed. Especially when it involves friendship, love, Honey & Clover and cats. Keep on writing. =)

  4. sorry coz not helping you....ahahaha!!
    eh dean, sometime i feel you just like me la, in terms of cats, your teen confusion, music. cume ko laki aku gugurl. hm..sori la kalo aku terperasan sorang.ehehe

  5. hahaha, never mind that XDD
    and no, awk x perasan sorang2 pon
    aku pon rasa camtu gak :)

  6. boleh²!!

    ko igt aku x mati ker gi shah alam?haha

  7. haha alah, ko ada kenderaan kan?
    ehh, aku xdak no ko lah