Salam. Though I'm down with high fever and a major headache, I'm glad that it happened to me. I don't blame anyone for it, for I believe that ALLAH put me in this situation so that I can learn something from it. And learn something, I did

"Sometimes, we give the best of our heart uncritically to those who hardly think of us in return..."


  1. betul2. aku pun slalu pikir bende yg same kalau perkara buruk jadi kat aku, tu semua balasan dari Allah atas kesalahan kite sendiri.

    hope u get well soon n nothing worst happen ae.. (^^,)

  2. hey dude, bro??

    huuu....we faced the same situation.

    finding cure for myself.

  3. to ryurisora
    thnks ^^

    to ball
    yeah... hope u find one