Humour Me Silly

Salam. Alhamdulillah, I'm all better now. Though my hand is still visible black red all over, I guess that's just what left of it. No more headache, no more coughing, no more sneezing

Huh, all I need to do is to do some heavy laundry and lots of cleaning to do, since all this while all that I had done is just lie down on the bed... Which kind of sucks la man, can I have a maid in my room?

I think I'm back to being lethargic

Semua orang dah ada couple. Boleh aku jadi jejaka Melayu terakhir yang kekal single ke akhir ijazah?


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  2. i can be your maid....

    huhu, single is simple la dude!! hehe...

  3. ble ko bsuh?..ko anta dobi daa..

  4. IT'S OKAY, ARIFF! I plan to stay single until the end of high school!

    (Which will end in a few months hahaha.)

    Single rules :P

  5. to ball
    haha, nk ke je maid i?
    haha yeah i know

    to amri
    aku basuh kat washing machine dkt blok aku, bawah bilik aku je
    aku dah duduk tempat lain ko bkn tau aku

    to Nad
    i know its okay :)
    haha yeah, single rules~

  6. heyy heyy..u r not d only one whos single okay..being single is good in a way..being in love involves a lot of things,i come to figure that out..cuz i myself am single crush no dates.haaaa


  7. heyy i knowww~ i never complain of being the only one single dude in this world
    and i know, what you're trying to say :)
    no crush no dates? i know who's ur crush is haha :P

  8. Hahaha... that's normal la to be single. Not only you are being single. Take a look on your friends near you...ehemm, huk,huk. Laundry?? common thing la... Kalu rajin, basuh sendri, kalu malas, hanta dobi...