Salam. Presentation on TITAS is done, no more sleepless night banging my head for the sake of something worthless, well for me that is. Whatever happen in my group, stays in my group. I don't mind them hating me for all the troubles, but I truly hate other people being judgmental on me. Back off, freaks

The lukewarm raindrops cause a deep wound,
Even to the innocent
The reason for my lost heart,
Must be my own weakness .

I'm learning Haiku right now. Probably won't do much for me currently, but it will do. Plus, I'm reading up on dictionaries, so I can improve my English. And make better poems. I like poems, yeah

Just now, I sat beside her at TESL Square. I really don't know why I did that, after all these times I had been avoiding her and watched her from afar. Whenever she's close, I feel giddy, my heartbeat rose like adrenaline suddenly swept my body away. I still feel for her like how I feel for her back then, it never changes all these time...

But it really hurt, despite all that. It hurts like hell

Balik rumah, Jitra hari Jumaat ni! Woo-hoo~!


  1. dah pernah cakap kat dia ko suka dia ke blm dean ui? hehehe

    selamat cuti cuti merdeka!

  2. u know, kalu u xckp pn..it shows ;)

  3. to ryurisora
    guess u still didn't know it
    i did already, bt something happened between us
    and now she hates me...

    to lin
    haha yeah, i guess so...