Close Up Camera Two, Cause the Hero Dies In This Scene

Salam. Suddenly, my body were overcame with high fever, temperature rising without warning. However, when I'm just about to shrug it off by sleeping in my room, suddenly the high fever were just, gone, my temperature back to normal. And all of this happened in the period of about only two hours while I'm in the class

Oh well, as weird as it is, the hell of a headache is still there. It won't make much difference anyway should anything happen to me

Ah man... Because of this I'm being a jerk again. She talked to me first, where I thought she would never do again, but I just ignored her. And the guys, especially Azim and Danny, I irritated them so much, shouting meaningless crap to their ears and kept forcing them to play DoTA with me even though they don't have any money

Huh, since sorry won't mean a thing anymore... Guess I'm all alone again it seems heh



  1. salam...
    xde pape la din...
    nnt suma org akan pham...
    dun wori2....

  2. salam dean..
    lama tak sembang.. sihat ker?
    hope sihat..

  3. salam fatihah
    huhu thnks ^^

    to akak Along Arman
    salam, x brapa sihat laa akak, letih sngt beberapa hari ni