Ramadhan, the Month of Prophet Muhammad's Ummah

Salam. Today is the last day of Sya'ban, and tomorrow will be the first day of the fasting month, Ramadhan

So yeah, goodbyes to the Setan-setan cause they will be chained somewhere only Allah knows, and the doors of heaven will be open wide and the doors of hell will be close shut. So yeah, let's fill this month with darn lots of goodness that we miss upon before, like having solat sunat more often than before, zikir, selawat, tasbih, reading the al-Quran and whatever more that our bestowed mind and akal can think of

But oh hey, say hi to your inner demons, more commonly known as nafsu~ Take good care of not being defeated by that sucker of a weakness in us, I think I ate too much lately and its really getting to me now

Yes, the month of Sya'ban is supposed to be filled with many good deeds and worship to Allah, as the name of the Sya'ban itself suggest, but I think I failed on that. Plus, I think I did a lot of the otherwise more, and now I'm regretting it. One of the worst thing that could've happened is that I nearly lost a friend of mine, a very dear friend of mine. Perhaps this happened because I was so caught up in this life that I forgot to give Allah some thoughts, I played around too much and wasted a lot of time

But hey, Allah is The All Forgiving, The Most Merciful, I was still given a chance to somehow salvage a bit of that very friendship, and along the way, I was able to learn to give up my own ego and be a better man...

It has been quite a rough time before, and I'm still looking for the Tuah di Akhir Sya'ban, like how Miss Nabilah Muhaimin did. But, through all and all, I'm glad that I'm still able to be friend with her, and can finally stand up on my own and put away my despair for the sake of others and myself...

Have a full and fulfilling fasting month people. And to my friends, I will really glad to be able to break fast with you guys again, just like last year ^^

Minta maaf Atikah sebab tak habiskan draf untuk presentation Agama tuh. Aku tau aku hanya menumpang saja dalam group korang, dan aku memang tiada alasan kali ini walaupun aku memang ada benda sebelum ini... Minta maaf...


  1. hepi fasting! jgn pose yang yok..ehehe

  2. cikgu ariff punye english makin power lahh! btw, salam ramadhan :)

  3. slamat ber-fasting catman! xD

  4. to bunga azu
    haha, mana de, cam besa jerk :P
    salam ramadhan utk awak juga :)

    to Lin
    thnks! u too, dodol! :P