Rain's Again

Salam. It's been raining here in Jitra non-stop for about two days straight now. Back then, with such momentum there would surely be flood being formed, but no more

I can still remember the last time that I went home, that one short day that I went back because I had to settle some thing, the very morning that I arrived it started to rain. My mom told me that it hadn't been raining for quite some time, and coincidentally, I came with the rain

As if to mock me or something, the rain continued until I went back to Shah Alam that very night. And it stopped, with me leaving Jitra behind, and never to return... Well, until the next raining season, that is

Haha, oh well, forget about that. I saw the black cat that gave birth to a kitten in my house during the last break, and I suddenly remembered about her one and only kitten. When I first left Jitra to continue my study, I was so afraid that the kitten won't make it, since there would be nobody to take care of them except me. But now, when I first saw her (I still hadn't checked beneath the tail though, I'm just guessing) I was so pleasantly surprised and glad that she is well and alive

And oh, what a beauty she had become compared to the last time I had hold her ^^. Her mum a black cat, and she a bubbly ball of gray cuteness haha

Baru ja nak baik demam, kena hujan sikit ja datang balik hingus-hingus yang sungguh hingusan itu


  1. haha.
    if its a kitten, ppl wud alwys guess it a female. btw, pos la her photo. xD
    the bubbly ball of grey cuteness!

  2. yearps hehe
    unfortunately, i don't have any camera or phone equipped with one :(
    i lost one long ago...

  3. aww poor you. nvrmind, lukis je r. xD

  4. hingus-hingusan yg sungguh hingusan....H1N1?huhuhu~

  5. hahaha, tak mungkin itu
    ku bisa kebal menghadapi itu semua :P