Goodbye Etong

Salam. Guess I need to get busy this next few weeks, and won't be around much. But I doubt that somehow, seeing that now I have a broadband in my room right now haha. Yeah, I think I will steel myself, get myself going and not to procrastinate like hell like the previous sem

And I too, need to get over it. People are keep saying that I'm way too obsessed with it, and need to just move along. In a way, yeah, I do always keep thinking about it. So much that I think, it is really starting to disturb my life's orientation haha. If I were to go to a doctor to be evaluated, perhaps I'll will be diagnosed with some sickness in the mind or something Lol

So goodbye Etong. If she still thinks that you're still worth keeping, be a dear for her for my replacement okay?

Ohhh, assignment~


  1. etong is the name of your pet . O.o

  2. etong is the name of the pet toy that i gave her boi