Zachariah Aidin Druckman

Salam. Yup, I'm already back here in Jitra, my home, though its not my resting place nor the place my blood was first spilled at. And wow, I never thought that I'd be back home so soon, and the grey bluish sky with sparkling stars here still looks nice as ever~

The first thing that I hear when I first came back home after I had some decent sleep post the bus travel is Umar's voice. Haha, though I'm still blurred beyond distinction like a Psyduck, I'm really glad to hear that voice again after so long. Because you know, it means a lot to me. Its good to know that someone still care for you without being a total hypocrite. Its good to know that someone still needs you by their side without being a jerk about it

Its good to know that someone misses you as much as you misses them

But oh hey, what's my nephew got to do anything with the title above eh? Haha, surely it's not his name, but rather, a friend of mine's, the main focus of this one particular post. His name, as stated earlier in the title, is Zachariah Aidin Druckman. He was born somewhere over the United States of America, where you can probably already guess his heritage, his father an American while his mom is a true Malay. He lived most of his life in Pulau Pinang however, and had been schooling over in Penang Free School before enrolling as an Asasi Tesl student, where I first meet him. Here's a pic of him...

...Which perhaps I'll do later, considering that my only source is Facebook, and that is now being a true slow ass, I can't even log in right now

Looking at his pic, perhaps you can guess that he is a vain guy, narcissistic perhaps. He is the true definition of a cam-whore person, where if you were happen to befriend him in Facebook and see all of his picture, one might hate him instantly. And that's still not face to face with him, where his arrogance and pride will make you itching to hit him, right there, on the spot

Have somebody told you that don't judge a book by its cover? Well its the truth with the case of Aidin here. He might be the most vain freak ever alive, he might be the biggest boaster people loves to hate, but he is a survivor, he is the most positive son-of-a-you-know-what that I've ever seen before. As high as he looks upon himself, he never look down upon others beside him, and he's damn proud of being a Malay, even if his look might proves otherwise

One thing that him being all proud and high is, he actually works hard to achieve whatever he said about himself. When he said he's going to be the best student of Tesl, he really studied his ass off, burning the midnight oil and make tedious notes. When he said that he's going to be the best runner in Intec, he went jogging everyday to improve his stamina. When he said that he's a good-looking Casanova (well, in a way), he's not afraid of making his own statements and went straight to the girl that he had his eyes on, like a true gentlemen

Being a sullen and depressed guy, I actually benefits a lot from this all. I learn to be more positive in life, and to procrastinate less in life. He also inspired me to study more, which inspiration's is what I need right now haha

And he's actually one of the most kind guys around, it's just that he rarely shows that side of him and yeah, its hard for people to recognize such fact since he's all bigmouthed at time and people being so judgmental... He tries to help his friends at times, me for example. He is willing to accompany me jogging every dusk, and making sure that I feel comfortable doing it, which I really needed it. And I can still remember the times that he talked about the girls that he went out with. He confessed that he had no actual feelings, or love as some dreamers might put it, for most of the girls that he dated. That's why he dumped them, no matter how hard it is, just so that nobody will get hurt in the long run...

Ironically, the only one of the girls that he actually cared for, or loved, is the only one that dumped him, saying bollocks like "I don't love you anymore, sorry". Huh, just to show you people how silly and unfair they can be ehh. When we truly loves them and care for who they really are, they never appreciate such gestures, but when we said that we can no longer be together with them, for the better sake, they throw accusations at us...

So that's it. I'm not in the mood to write more about him, it's not his biography. But yeah, I'm glad that I wrote something about him, one of the friends that I can truly call a friend. I don't care what people might say about me, getting all girly and mushy expressing my feelings over a blog, and about a guy friend at that, but who cares. People are so goddamn judgmental, I've became so bitter to even care about it

Hey, I no longer write about a friend who turns out to be a hypocrite. I no longer write about this girl that I'm used to like, who thinks I'm so obessed with her and all the shits I write here is all about her

Hoo-yeah, I feel good haha~

Al-Fatihah kepada Yasmin Ahmad yang telah pergi dulu meninggalkan dunia ini pada pukul 11.25 pm, 25 Julai 2009 iaitu malam aku pulang ke rumah. Semoga dia ditempatkan di kalangan mereka yang beriman... Sekarang baru aku teringat, aku ada berjanji dengan seseorang untuk tengok filem Sepet, tapi sampai sekarang masih kempunan...

There's going to be a dull silence the next raya and year around. Sapa yang mampu isi tempat kekosongan ini?


  1. what goes around comes around.

    life is not unfair actually, ppl who says it is just can't accept the fact that they, at the moment, are on the down side of life.

    1 girl dumped him, but think of the many girls he dumped in return? maybe they loved him as much as he loved the one girl. im not judging zach, its just an example, for anyone at all who thinks the world is harsh becuz of something they missed.

  2. heh
    in the end, it all depends on the individuals
    im just giving out my opinion, an inexperienced and an insignificant one

  3. that's a motivated's a noble thng to do for friend like, writing bout a dear friend without letting him know.... some people only good at being over-judmental on others..spread the good, sweep away the bad...


  4. hohoh ... that Aidin, saya kenal dia macam mana :)