Heyya, New Semester

Salam. Oh yeah, it's official right now. I'm a B.Ed Tesl student, for the next 4 years. So, Shah Alam will be my second home, and it's not so bad after all. I'm just grateful that I'm still blessed to have the chance to continue my studies, and I can still be with lots of my friend. And yeah, her too

Huhhh... I'm really not in the mood to write anything much, eventhough I do have something to let off from my chest right now

I'm practically all alone now. I'm the only one from the former Asasians that is staying at Block B Meranti, while the others are on the Block D. Each time, I would need to go over there to meet some familiar faces, just to have a little bit of fun. But that won't work everytime, and most of the time I found out that I just better be by myself in my own rooms with my own roommates rather than with them. And now, I'm practically all alone now

Weird thing is, I don't feel so bad about being lonely this time now. And I don't know why, because back then, not so long ago, I so hated that loneliness. I would desperately try to garner attention from people all over, and even sometimes I would go as far as making people hate me, just for the sake of the attention

I just now can't wait for Monday to start, ironically. I can't wait to see her face again

Lagu sajalah penyelamat aku ketika keseorangan...


  1. weh..tahniah weh..

    nanti kalo nak buat essay apa2..bleh refer kat hg la neh..hehe

  2. haha tenkiu2~

    haha bleh saja, syaratnya ang kena mai shah alam dulu bwk keta tuh bwk aku gi jalan2 haha

  3. Ah, the crush part, ai laik~! Good luck then. I don't wanna congratulate you for your current B.Ed, but rather a warm congratulation for the chance to meet your crush once again.
    So, after this you're gonna be called Teacher Ariff, aite?

  4. hey dude,

    seriously though I've never know your face, but then I just can't wait to see ya. With one reason, to calm myself that at least my senior is taking TESL which I long forever...OMG, let's rock at seksyen 2..plz dudeeee....

  5. to pok deng
    thnks. teacher? oh well, not really

    to ball
    haha, ur way too busy urself

  6. rriaaww~~u rndu i ke..?haha.maila my room

  7. amri.. ur digusting..
    lol.. attention seeker..