Mad Hatter

Salam. Here's an advice for all the readers out there somewhere. Sometimes, it's okay not to listen to your heart after all, and to heed your parents' advice instead. Yeah, mom do know best

Back then, I hurt my dad's feeling. Truly. And that is by rejecting the perfect scholarship a future teacher could ever have. And he, the one who nurtured me to be this teacher that I now longs to be, can't fathom the reason of me doing such a thing. Because after all, hey, with that scholarship, I don't have to worry anything more of the money, transportation, commodity and heck, I would be doing my degree overseas, in Australia

Yet I turned it all down, and broke his heart at the same time

Now, it is all getting back to me. All the hardship that I will endure this next sem here, shits here and there on whether I apply for PTPTN or not. Yeah, like my sister said, its my decision, I have to be responsible for everything myself. No more excuse, no more regret
Help me, I'm addicted to self-mutilation...
But yeah, the reason why I did that, is still a secret that I will take to the graves with me. Dear sisters, stop thinking about it already

Cis, terlepas tengok Transformers arituh haha. Tak sabar nak tengok Johnny Depp berlakon jadi Mad Hatter dalam Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland~

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