Random Glass

Salam. Let's get random, shall we?

Meet the Death Note's cast, Hollywood version :P

I don't care if they all want to get married, for all that I care. I'm not even moved to be jealous by those couples roaming the mall spreading love explosion everywhere. I've been single the last 19 years of my life, minus some 3 months, and I'm not bothered at all to be desperate for a significant other to flaunt whenever we guys will be hanging together again

More like spreading indignity around, if it's not done properly, if you know what I'm saying

On less important matter in the world today, certainly less than the news that the H1N1 flu did rose to a pandemic level, let's talk about, football. It's been quite a buzz that Real Madrid is spending heavily on world-class players all around the world in hope of reigning supreme again in the Liga. Names like Christiano Ronaldo... Arghh, who cares about that punk anyway, who got his butt kicked by Lionel Messi? I'm just pretty darned pissed off at the fact that Kaka got sold by AC Milan to Real Madrid despite his intention to stay there

I've got a good vibe. I'm seeing MU getting their butt kicked by Liverpool. For them, the numbers of MU fans that is ridiculously too much, there's so many of them, its absurd

Wait, why do I even care about this all? Since when? Since I joined Boy Kuching, Faris, Atiff, Nazriq, Syah, Ariff, them all, nights of watching matches at some Nasi Kandar's and though all of them annoyingly supports MU, yeah that's it. They rekindled the so-called football flame in me, and got me rooting for the Rossoneri and the Reds again after all this years hoho

And now I miss those moments with them. Badly missing them all...

Farhan sepupu aku dengan isteri baru dia datang dan aku bawak diorang jalan2 dekat Jitra. Owhh~ Kemesraannya, jeles jeles


  1. merapu je ko pepagi ni..

  2. to adiba
    tamauuu~~ nk kawen nyiau2 (dgn nada gatai merela)

    to nicca
    yes i am~ hohohohoho