Will Hate Save Me?

Salam. I can't remember much what people said about forgetting someone, I just know that it is not something easy that you can just easily decide to do so just whenever you feel like it. Quoting from some resources unknown because I can't remember it, when you happen to love someone, a part of you will always love that someone even if you come to hate them somehow

This is where I put my bleak hope here to beg to differ with this quote. Now, can it be just nice that we will be able to forget someone by hating them with all your heart? No matter how much important they are to you and how much you care for them? And forever will?

I'm just playing around with these feeling, reeling here and there mulling over the same question over and over again. And I don't care how it will affect me personally. I don't care anymore, and that phrase I don't care somehow had become my motto, something to remember when life is passing me by. But no matter how many times I would say it or refusing to drown in to the truth, life will always has a way of turning me back to the place that will get me thinking about it all over again. After all, I'm just another human being with feelings

Here I go again, crapping about insignificant things in life. But heck I don't mind at all. I don't care at all if nobody would ever pay any attention to this blog that has lost its worth to me. I've changed so much, some that would in turn changed the way my blog used to be. It has become personal, so much personal that it no longer serves the original purposes that I had laid down for it. No more materials on the music that I love, sports that I had passion for, the need to urge others to love cats more, to ponder on life, and to try to fulfill my duty as a Khalifah in this world

Now, its just grunge talk and trying to garner sympathy from all people. Its just pointless to do this anymore

Heh, today, 19th of June, when the clock will strike 11 sharp, I think, all of us who are pursuing our degrees will know of their future soon. Whether they are accepted, or not. Whatever happens...

Barakallah to us all, to our future...

Assalamualaikum, selamat tinggal...


  1. No, hate won't save you. But it makes you feel a lot better though, heh.

    Here's the thing: You will not forget but honey, you will forgive yourself for being in that situation. You have to. You learn. You get up. You live again. You love again :)

    Then, maybe wrinkled and old, you can finally say, "Oh crazy young love." Hehehe.

  2. oh crazy young love eyh? hahaha

    u lighten up my day dear
    thnks :)

  3. i believe that hate is a lovely feeling.
    and pretty important.
    it makes love becomes even more meaningful.

    you see,things will work out.try looking at the bright side of it.

  4. i'll try, thanks :)

    and u too, emellia
    don't let the hardship get the best of u