You Hate Me?

Salam. Yeah, she hates me now. I'm glad, really, no matter how much it hurt inside. Because I really can't stand the ignorance, so I decided to brew a storm, make her angry, just to see some reaction, to see some feelings from her. May it be hate, may it comes to that she will no longer talks to me now. I just need to know something, anything at all, and it seems that... Hate is the only thing that I can think of

They say love is blind, it makes the most intelligent man in the world even to regress to being just a child. It makes a fool out of you, and destroys you the next moment. Heck, one of the main factors of suicide is because of the word love. Well, to me, I don't bother of such consequences at all

It seems like I'm a fool already. Love, and me, we just don't do well together. Yaay~ congrats Ariff, the only two girl that you had ever feel like saying I love you now both hates you completely now...

Sheesh, Shah Alam's gonna be messy. I don't know how I will react in front of her...

27 haribulan, yeay hahaha...


  1. hihi, i been there bro. some day, some how with some ways, you will get over it. and remember, the next time you are about to fall, expect the worst. dont put too much hopes. nanti sakit sangat mcm i kene. :(

  2. hahaha
    dun worry
    two is enough, perhaps no more

    mak, ayah, 4 tahun sja lg!
    pilih lah sapa pon haha :P

  3. Love is blind. Ah, what a lame phrase ever written in human history.

  4. Yeah, as lame as the word love itself
    But yeah, you will lots of wisdom and hell of experience in such matter would know better aite? hahahaha

  5. Wisdom and hell of experience? Yes indeed. My experiences are all hell. Enough said.