It's a Lithium Flower, Baba jan

Salam. I don't care what people might think, heck I don't care what I might think of myself. I don't care if I sounds bias or whatsoever, whether my opinion will be well received or rejected to the core, people will love me or hate me. It won't matter if in the future I will find myself mistaken and regretting things over, whether I will indeed go to hell for one inexplicable reason despite being raised all my life against it. And yeah, perhaps it sounds like I'm exaggerating over the last sentence, but I don't care, I just don't freaking care

I hate, I abhor, I despise man that practices polygamy, they who think that they can be fair without hurting the feeling of the first wife, OR rather hurting the feeling of the first wife thinking they got it better and it is okay to hurt their feeling. Hey, once a person is born under one mother, that right of the mother will never change, no other friggin' woman can replace that mother's place. So don't try, ever, to replace one's motherhood, one's mother will always forever be that person's mother

That's all. Happy Father's Day, and for those that are still blessed with a father to take care of them and to love them genuinely, be grateful


I got sick of trying to say sorry to her, and I just realised that I've become weak. I've become depended on others that aren't even my family, and I opened up too easily to them. I've opened myself up, just like I dreamed that I would way back then when I was alone. But now, I'm paying the price, I'm feeling the hurt that is by far 13-fold greater than what I'm used to feel back then. It is worse, because now others get hurt too, instead of just me. And plus, people who don't have any connection with it at all know too, bitchy, judgmental people that they are, with that big mouth of theirs

I missed the old me. I might be a stuck up dude, always mistaken to be unfriendly, silent and mysterious, and lonely. But at least, oh at least I won't be writing this down here in this blog telling the world wide world that how I'm such a pathetic human being and a jerk at that that can't solve his own problems and only know how to whine and whine and whine while expecting people's sympathy

I'm off, truly. I don't know if anyone will miss me, which I rather doubt, but should fate put me back in the straight road in my life, back in Shah Alam doing something good for myself and for my mother that had sacrificed so much for me... I will be back again, facing the world, cruel jesting world

Kembali kepada hobi lama, iaitu membaca...


  1. hey...sounds depressed huh.
    hope you'll find peace and serene somewhere...
    such a good writing dean...solute your skill as u put it in the right way...via blogging..
    never ever bored with this blog..always universally interesting

    may this'll make u smile...

  2. huh.. i somehow totally agree with ur point in the first part of the post.. really meh u open up to people easily?? besides me. who else eh..

  3. to Zouq
    thanks 4 da compliments haha
    im not as good as u might put it
    im just happy tht u like it :)
    thnks 4 everything

    to sysco
    owho thnks 4 da approval...
    hoho adela sai haha :P