Warm and Bitter Clouds

Salam. It is so warm and bitter lately, one can barely stand in the heat under the sun for even a minute. Guess its partly the global warming to the blame, or perhaps the El Nino that will be coming soon? Its bad enough that the epidemic H1N1 flu is spreading havoc all over the world and is reaching pandemic level

Yeah, like, whatever jelaa

I had just finished The Kite Runner. It's a really, really nice read, no wonder it is one of the most acclaimed book, really, like, the hype is overwhelming. It is a story about one boy named Amir... Oh forget it. Go read it for your own reading satisfaction, you won't regret it even if you're not an avid reader. One thing that I can say is, the story is very enlightening. And there's something that I can relate myself to the story. Regret, fatherhood, that cheeky little stuff called love, whatever more... Okay, I'll stop babbling

Oh yeah, have I wrote somewhere in the previous post in my blog that I love my sisters, every three of them so much? Of how I appreciate their care for me despite having to take care of their own children? The time that they take some time off their precious family time to occasionally to help me whenever I needed it, whether I truly need it or not, or even asked for it? Of how my pathetic existence of causing trouble in their life as the last child in the family that came out way late, yet they accepted me just the way that I am, a jerk at that?

Oh yeah, I love my sisters, every three of them so much

Aku orang Jitra, dan aku bangga dan bersyukur pasal itu. Tak sangka 3 tahun yang sunyi di SMJ rupa-rupanya membawa maksud yang mendalam dalam hidup aku, lebih2 lagi sekarang bila aku perlukan kawan2 yang membantu...


  1. kenape lately post2 u sgt emo?
    u nak lawan i kee?

  2. it's good to love ur sisters...(",)i love my sisters too..hehe..

  3. to arlina
    i was born emo
    u came out a year late

    to farah
    hoh~ :)