Dead Cats

Best wishes,
Ariff who lost so many cats in his life, way too many

Salam. Don't mind the dogs, or even SPCA, just cats on my mind

Ming went missing quite some time ago. I truly believe that the renovation of the house's backyard has something to do with it. She liked to play at the parit there, and now that there's no more space between the house and the parit... Take a guess

Now hordes of other cats are roaming the house now. Judging by their fur type and length, I can't shake off their resemblances to Ming, and its quite disturbing to see. How many secret kittens has Ming sired all the time I was in Shah Alam, I wonder

Oh well. I like them cats nevertheless. To kill the loneliness. Of friends ignoring you despite what they said before

"Kita kawan, sampai mati kan?" ~ "Ya" ~ Yo' ass...

Tidurlah Ariff, jangan paksa diri lagi dah menunggu sesuatu yang takkan datang punya...


  1. lcky u..
    cats ngmpat2 aku kt blkng umah
    nk dekat..deme lari.

  2. my cat ignores me!
    oh how i try to get her attention
    yet she just turns her head towards me
    yawns, scratches her body and lays her head on the floor
    but i love that about her :D

  3. owh you mean meowh aite? ahahaha
    you gotta do something bout her
    before you starting to idolize her like an Egyptian deity haha lol

  4. oh my god
    i think i already am idolizing her
    NOOOOO her cuteness is overwhelming