Start the Genocide

Salam. Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to every Muslims out there. I know it's late already, but it's the thought that counts aite?

I heard someone ridiculed me and my family again. When that certain someone learned that I also took TESL, language study as my sisters did, she kind of like belittled the fact. Heh, hey, this is my choice, who are you to judge what I do in this life, what I am to be that I choose to be. And she, she thought that she had a degree in chemical engineering, she's better than the lots of us. But yeah, in the end she ended up as a teacher anyway, who are you to say

If I were to say that directly to that certain someone, I will hurt her. No matter how much I want to do it, I've hurt enough people

And seriously, I'm thinking of deleting this blog. Or perhaps to just leave it alone to rot in the cyberspace

"You're rotten, I'm rotten, all humans are rotten. Let's start killing each other already." I want a t-shirt adorning these words XD

Aku dah semakin bulat

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