Home Baby, Home!

Salam. Hey, I think my days of missing home will be over soon. It's high time I get out of this stupidly alluring life of pleasure, and start bathing myself in the sunlight again

Seriously people, my skin hasn't been spoiled by sunlight for quite a few days now

Haha well, that's it. I won't be around as much here as I used to be. I know no one will miss me, as much as how I will miss them, kan kan? Can't wait for the next sem to start again, though I do have some worries about some other things. Some other things like my result, a place to stay, that unfinished business. But hey, like they said, pleasures come with troubles in a package, can't be without each other, so yeah, lol

I will really miss this place. Though I still didn't learn how to play guitar, nevertheless the piano that is there. Perhaps I'm never meant to learn how to play it after all, however time will tell. And that little baby, haha. My ears will be so relieved that I will no longer have to bear all that screaming and crying, but yeah, I'll miss that little nuisance that always hang around with me, keeping me company for at least a little while

At least, I won't feel disturbed anymore. For example, hearing something stupid like...

"Saya sayang dia lebih daripada kamu", which a few moment later followed by...

"Why won't you listen to me, your own mother?!",

Yeah, I wonder that myself. Totally, what could've gone wrong ehh, what with your way of raising them is so perfect. Hey, I know that I'm just an inexperienced fool who doesn't even know his own place in this world, but really, it take no genius to tell that it is just wrong to tell someone that you love them less than someone else, especially if you're supposed to love them all the same. Imagine, you have no one else, and the one that you can only trust said that I don't love you like I loved someone else, how will you feel ehh?

Oh well, it has been fun while it lasted. Home is the place I need to be right now, and that's where I'm going to go to...

Or perhaps not. Xkcd is so much fun I tell you, as much as Ray William Johnson haha XD. Man, I'm so gonna miss the luxury of limitless Internet

And oh yeah, my Dashboard is being such a backside. The timing has been totally upsetting, notifying a new post later than they should be, a day at that. Grr, if only I can kick at something, or myself if I could

I think I had made someone very upset again :/

Nak habis download game semua. Movie dengan anime semua memang dah tak sempat daa huhu T_T


  1. finally, u r going home! *relief*
    LOL~ :P :P

  2. what the? i just wish were given 2months holiday instead of just 1. ;l

  3. time is precious
    anything will do :D