Friendship, as the Word Means

Salam. Right now, if someone were to ask me, what is the most happiest moment in my life, I finally have an answer for that, however with an addition that I will say that it is also the most saddest moment in my life. The answer will be real simple, which is the midnight of 11th April, 2009. And I'm never gonna tell a soul of why is it so

Okay, enough useless babbling

Let's talk about something that is very common in our life, which is something called friendship. So okay, what's the deal with me to suddenly talk about friendship whereas I'm so far away from any, even though I had realized from before that a friendship is sometime more fragile when people are separated far away, pretty much like the lover's logic

Thing is, in the Facebook, suddenly last night people were suddenly philosophizing about friendship, all of a sudden. And not just one, two, or three people, but yeah, more than that that it got me thinking, why, isn't it the holiday or something, things that just don't matter. And I thought that so okay, let them be, I won't have a say because I'm just not smart and intelligent enough to join discussion, plus I don't have any recent accident to relate myself into

Later after midnight, I found that is to be a bit farfetched, as I, myself, like all those people, are having my friendship and belief being tested by fate

An old friend of mine, from high school, which I haven't met since after our SPM examination, commented something on one of my status. That one comment really pissed me off, and my mood was spoilt, that rotten temper of mine has gotten control of me once again. I was like, how dare he said that after we haven't seen each other for such a long long time

At first, I thought of just deleting him from my friends' list. However, I retaliated back by putting up a status to just leave me alone, and he gave another comment, showing that aggressiveness still, yet seemed to be like really lost. I was up to another bashing, like a true cowardly keyboard warrior would...

Until I had realized that, I'm being controlled by my anger, and because of that, I'm going to lose another friend because of it...

It hurts so much before, no way I'm going to let it happen again. I had, somehow, ignore this ego that dwells inside of me, and asked of him, just what the hell is wrong, and as weird as it feels to say sorry first, I did to him. And only then, he said sorry to me, and explained that he was just sleep-deprived and can't think straight because he will have his final exam next week. Things was settled then, and we remained friends still

For even a small matter, our friendship was nearly broken in half. All the good and bad memories for that two precious years, all the goofing off in the bath hall, forming a study group together, playing basketball every evening during riadah time and every weekends right after Subuh prayers... I'm just glad, that we both can still cherish that memories and not look back in anger...

What is friendship, or rather, what is a, friend? One might ask, what is a friend? Just for a companion when in happier times? Some might say that to never trust 100% a friend, because they only use you for their own benefits, whether intentionally, or unintentionally. There are even people that even go to the length of saying that the notion of friendship is a lie, it is just a social play used to control the society. Whatever

As for me, I don't have the answer myself. I had lived for more than 19 years in this world, yet even with the few more remaining more moments perhaps I won't even get a hint of what is it all about. But I do know this, once you're considered as my friend, you're something that I will always treasure in my heart, and I will never forsake it ever again

No matter what I might say, no matter what mistakes I might do, no matter what will happen...

Boleh aku tanya something tak?
Hah, tanya jela
What is uhh...
Erm, what do you really feel about me?
...As a friend, of course
A... friend ehh?
Yup! =)
Oh, okay...
Haa, nape?
Haha, its nothing lahh~! So like, we are friends kan?
Yup, kawan. Heee~

Friends forever aite?
Friends forever


  1. the matter of friendship cn either be VERY subjective or not at all depending on one's individual perspective. Look at it this way arif my dear,

    if friends to u mean the world, then that's what friends interpret. if ppl u regard as friends dont make the level u expect of them, equivalent to the level they expect of you, then the answer is simple; they're not friends. Acquaintance would fit better for those peeps. But not friends.

    As for sad ppl that never trust any other soul apart from their grandparents maybe, that claim friendship is untrue or friends are ppl who would take advantage of you, then its only because they expect that from other ppl and inreturn ofcourse thts what they got back. Life's prtty simple. ;D

    ps: sorry the cmmt is HELL LONG! I hve a problem with tht. lol!

  2. geez yeah, that was one VERY long comment hahah
    thanks :D

    perhaps you are right
    thanks for sharing the thought hee :D

  3. agree with lin, it's all very subjective,
    we live on the same earth, but each has different world, surrounded by different people

    if you have the chance to meet sumone whom you cud say they're my friends and they would say in return that you are theirs, then you're lucky.

    world's though. some people may never find that mutual friendship, either its gonna be one-sided or else; that could just be what friendship is to those people. Some people are content with just that, and some people are not.

    We're different being, all human but with different perspective. Yet everyone wants to be happy and if whatever relationship they have makes them happy and they want to call that friendship, let them be =)

  4. to yuki
    another very long comment and thoughts from you haha
    thanks very much for the enlightenment ehh?
    dh makin emo 2 3 menjak ni kamu :PP

    to effy
    pehal plak? ang tau ka sapa?

  5. onii~ :DD i can't say much. i'm not an expert on friendship. haha. but we're friends, kan kan? :)

  6. whatever it is dont trust ur friends.
    no matter how ANGELIC they are. :D