You Don't See What I See

Salam. I haven't done anything constructing in my life since the holiday started, and I've begun to miss my home terribly now. Well since I've been homesick even before the holiday started, at least I can still bear with it a little bit longer

Before I went crazy, that is. Expect a newspaper headline like, "Student died out of homesickness", or "Student on a homesick rampage in city", or something like that

Lately, I've been playing Final Fantasy IX again, credits to Eifham Syah as thanks to him I can play PSOne games on my laptop hee~, and I've technically stopped doing anything else haha. It was like back then during the time where the only games that I play is role-playing games, or better known as RPG, and I just stared at the TV screen all day long absorbing all the beautiful music and mesmerizing storylines and colourful and impactful characters haha

So yeah, let me indulge in this little fantasy world of my own for a little bit, and just leave me be haha. When the next sem starts, I'll be back again :P

I dreamt I was a butterfly
I couldn't tell if I was dreaming
But when I woke, I was I and not a butterfly
Was I dreaming that I was the butterfly,
or was the butterfly dreaming that it was me?
Even if there's a difference between the butterfly and I,
the distinction isn't absolute
And there is no relationship of cause and effect.

Soshi (Medieval Date Unknown)

Seriously, I've forgotten most of what I've learned in the Foundation of Education syllabus right after the final exam, especially on Confucianism. Like it mattered anyway, yeah? Hohoho~

Kalau lah aku boleh terbang, dah lama aku terbang balik Jitra. Kepak sepasang~!

PS: Sesapa ada perasaan the sense of nihilism dalam post ni? Sapa dapat teka what is the symbol of nihilism in this post is, tell me and nanti aku belanja makan haha :P


  1. dah2..stop whatever u r doing now,
    x kire la blogging ke main game ke,
    n pegi balik kedah skrg! ;D