Here in My Room


Tomorrow I have another paper to prepare for, which is Foundation of Education. But I guess it won't hurt to have another go at one more meaningless rambling, yeah?

Today is the Sunday 1st of November, I think, and I spend the day doing particularly nothing, but that's not the focus here. When is it about 7.00 pm or something, I went to the food court alone to, ya know, eat something for my dinner. There, I saw Fik and Ira having dinner together, and when Fik saw me, he asked me to join them together

For that, I'm really grateful and thankful to you guys. Hope I'm not disturbing you guys or anything :)

Back at Kolej Meranti, by the very first rung of the ladders, I met a black and white cat white a mask-like marking on her face, which is really cute, naturally. She was so hungry, and when I called her upon me, she just willingly followed me to my room. I was like, cool, since I haven't cuddled with a cat for quite some time now

Inside the room, I fed her with some of the letover kuih raya. Which is better, since like anyone else is going to eat that anyway. By that time, Yo had just finished bathing and when he came out of the bathroom, the cat started to follow him instead in the room. And I just watched from afar, teasing Yo like hey ya smell like chicken, that's why she followed you, or whatever

Then, when Yo was about to perform his prayer, she was left outside. When I'm about to take my own bath, she started to follow me instead, nuzzling her soft head on my feet, mewing with such rhythm that I thought she is singing, which is absurd ehh. And I'm stuck on just holding her, playing with her for quite some time and ultimately made me forgot about my bath

I really thought that I understand cats and their behaviours, after all the many cats that I had raised before, but it seems that I'm wrong

And I'm missing Etong like hell

Hati menangis siapa yang tahu


  1. cats are fun.

    and good luck some more

  2. penguins are fun too

    and thanks, thanks a lot :)

  3. yeah. penguins are extremely fun. so fun that you just must belanja this penguin :P

  4. ooooohhhhhh really?
    and i wonder why i should belanja the penguin emm? can you give me 10 good reasons?