Dead Cats and Kittens

Salam. I really think that I'm going to die sooner or later

And no, its not that I'm being dramatic all over again, like I'm just saying negative thing just cause I feel for it. Heck, I even found out that I'm known because of that. There's this girl that I don't even know exist in the other group, and when Man mentioned me to her, she said I'm the emo guy from the other group

It is something inside of me, that has been keeping up with me since I was given birth to. Where I shouldn't even be here in the first place

Final exam? Sumpah tak terasa macam minggu periksa ja


  1. i just want it to end. very soon.

  2. i had the exact same feeling when i was twelve. to the extent that i was afraid to go to sleep cuz i just knew i would be dead in the morning. im dead serious, believe me.

  3. to watip
    well, it is not up to us to decide
    till then, we can only be patient

    to lin
    then u understand :)