Bright Lights

Salam. Last Monday I wore an all-blue attire, but my heart and my eyes is only on the colour purple. And I really really hate that stairs in the INTEC library that is just beside the computer lab, everything seems to revolve there

Doesn't mean anything, really, hahaha XD

Say, have you seen a cat lately? Not the one that people keep around the house, feeding them Whiskas or Friskies according to their taste or even leftover fish, but the one that wander on the outside world without the security of love and warmth of a home, do you?

Ever seen them struggle for food? Like how they would hover around food stalls or fish market just for a bite of whatever bits they may find. And then, there goes people who go and kick them just to shoos them away, like, they can't freaking do it gently, humanly like they would treat any other creatures of Allah

Point is, such is a virtue that I'm trying to reflect on and learn, patience. Lately, many things and problems requires me to learn on how to control myself. First, to control on how to use my money. Since I'm depending on my mother's card for all my current expenses, I can't just lavishly spend it all on whatever I want. That's point one

Point two, I really need to control my anger, my words, my actions in life. I nearly, nearly lose a dear friend, again, yet again. I really hate myself for doing this again and again and again. I even come to even think that I really hate her, even though she's the only one ever that I see as close as being a sister to me. I'm used to being alone, why can't I learn to be alone and not taking other people's space...

There's some things in this world
You just can't change
Somethings you can't see
Until it gets too late

Some things in this world
Man, they don't make sense
Some things you don't need
Until they leave you
And they're things that you miss

Baby, baby, baby
When all your love is gone
Who will save me
From all I'm up against out in this world

Plus, I still can't forget about her and forgive myself for whatever had happened. I still dream about it all night, I still wish that whenever I walk around the faculty I will see that smile again... So yeah, patience for me people

I wonder whether fasting will really help me put myself together ehh?

Linguistics test esok, literature test Jumaat ni huahaha~~~


  1. good luck for the test.

    we both are same, need to learn to control things..anger, emotions etc.

    hmmm...long time no see!

  2. haha thanks XDDD

    yeah long time no see~
    nnti dtg laa sksyn 17 hakhak

  3. Last Monday I wore an all-blue attire, but my heart and my eyes is only on the colour purple.

    Hahahah I so know this feeling, eventhough I think you probably meant it in a different way. I once had my eyes on a schoolmate that has to wear purple to school because of his jawatan. Obviously didn't happen, but yeh, I couldn't help but to comment on that line. Hehe.

  4. Ahahaha, so okay, someone can get the gist of whatever I'm trying to say here hakhak XDD

    Yeah, sure you couldn't help it
    good luck spm!!