Tingkap Kaca Numero Dos

Salam. Yeah I know, its been here before, the picture that is this~

Well, for those that had read my blog for long enough will know what it means. Perhaps. If anyone do even read this kind of stuff. Bottom line is that it's different what it means now for me, one way or another. So much had happened since now and then, yet everything felt as if time is going way too fast for me. Regrets, mistakes, stuff...

Can't I just turn back the time?

Kucing hitam yang sakit luaran dan dalaman itu~


  1. Good people don't care about either the future or the past. They care about the present.

  2. Well, can't say that all people are good can we?

    Thanks for the advice though ^__^

  3. ak paham wehh. ak pon terasa jugak bila tgk gambar 2. chill ok?

  4. huhu, chill je la skarang neh haha