Salam. I at home. I'm at ease, but not my heart. I long to be there again, at Shah Alam...

The same thing that happened the last time at home is now happening again. I can't believe the darn coincidence, it seems as if whenever I'm at home, I tend to be a jerk, a real jerk to people that I care, them that are far away

And my friends, they are no longer here. When I'm away, we all made this plan of going out together and stuff, yet when I'm back at Jitra, they are no longer here. And I'm stuck here, with nowhere to go, no one to talk to

120 or something, faster. I really thought before that the Kancil is the one car for me. But just now, my sister finally trusted me with her car. And the rush of driving something else more powerful, more faster... Now I'm craving for more

120 or something, faster. Then crashhhhh~~~~ What a thrill that will be

Perlukan idea


  1. hmm.. cadangan?

    cari duit then repair kereta dia sebelum dia dpt tau.. hu

  2. Boys... always like that one liao...

  3. nothing happened laa haha
    and yeah, boys will be boys XD