Salam. Somebody's coming home, here, in fact more than one person, four of them. And I believe two of them are reading my blog currently haha

Let us be free then. Throw away everything else, stand for your own right, enjoy the bit of time you have now. Let them judge us later, let them condemn us later, for all that bittersweet number can do but bring our spirits down. Go to you-know-where with PMR, SPM, finals, whatever whatever, and say hellooooo, world~

I just found out that our result is going to be announced on 10th of December 2009, 10 pm. I don't care, don't you dare ask me how I fared in my finals. Well, unless you're someone really important to me, or someone that I can trust, then perhaps, I'll let it slip a bit

I really want to leave this blog, but I can't

Menunggu orang adalah sangat-sangat bosan~

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