Happy New Year

Now I wonder, why when it comes to new year, people would plans to go to the Curve? I wouldn't go there, as it is not my style, I even don't have permission from the loved ones to go clubbing and stuff. Plus, I won't risk the chance of running into familiar faces there, especially the one that lives nearby

Now enough talk already, I'm not in the mood for much writing. My plan tonight for the new year is playing some cool games namely o2Mania and perhaps some bad-guy-shooting with Call of Duty. Yeah, anti-social I may be, but at least I'm not doing something stupid, like I love you (Robbie William and Nicole Kidman's something stupid ahakz)

And not forgetting Allah too, maybe some Zikir afterwards and a few solat sunats. Oh I'm so far away from my mum, I wonder how I'm going to manage this...

En. Shah, if u're reading this, please lah En. Shah, jgn shuffle kelas kami semua, aku sayang semau classmates aku semua, walaupun aku jarang cakap dgn mereka semua...


  1. selamat tahun baru weyh...kejap ja dah masuk thn laen...huhu

  2. salam,

    happy Gregorian new year dear!!

    yup,hoping+crossing finger!i also heart my class mates!!!

  3. happy new year!
    thnkz guys and yuh
    heart them classmates

  4. happy new year to u too matey
    hope u find some light in front ehh?

  5. You can't beat my New Year plan.
    Tidur. Hahahha.