She's Back Yuh

"Hah, ada nasik kat dapoq? Biaq betoi?", is what I said in surprise this afternoon

At last, she's back, my mum is. It is weird to think that I was the one who picked her up yesterday, but somehow I'm still used to her absence from before. Oh how I linger for her ever delicious cooking that is always the culprit behind my weight gain since the last holidays. Ohhh ikan pekasam, pajeri nanas, and karipap special made...

Now, enough nonsense. I'm just happy that our family's center of universe is back and everything went back to normal. I started to think about thing I'm not supposed to and thinking about her, I wonder if the loneliness would continue what kind of stupid thing I would've done

Heyy, now I know. Stuff at Indonesia is very cheap, I mean VERY

Since aku tak payah risau pasal nasi lg dh, aku dh boleh start balik guna duit aku untuk game heee :P


  1. my mom's back too!

    btw get ready for btn.

  2. I miss my mum's cook too. Gotta miss that original kelantanese 'budu'.

  3. to boi
    haha nice, btn? shitty

    to pok deng
    hoho, i somehow can imagine tht one

  4. yeah it tasted like air longkang mixed with fishes from the sawah plus some creamy tastes of cacing tanah. How about that?