Old Friends

15th of December. Never had I though before that such a plain and common day can be such a nice day to meet some old friends, either just plain coincidence or some meeting up at Tasik Darulaman. Nice lah to see some familiar face after been bunking up at home, my sis' at that, playing games with nothing else to do

Just a day before I went to Shah Alam for the BTN stuff, I met with many people I thought to have either not see them again or perhaps sometime in the future. But, as we all know, the future is a mystery, who knows what might tomorrow, aite? And talking to them, knowing that they still remember us and still take us as their friend, that's a gift, really

So yeah, I'm hell glad that I can see them again, today. Alhamdulillah

Celaka betulah BTN nih, aku baru ja nk rapat balik ngan kawan lama kat Jitra, ko plak dtng menyemak