Exam Result?

I'm back from Negeri Sembilan after about 3 days of BTN there. The thing is, result is out for people to see them, and me, being a normal human being, can't resist the urge to see mine with swift haste. What a lovely surprise I got when I did just that

Hey, never in my life that I ever get a pointer of 3 and above, and that's saying something considering of 4 semester of my days in MRSM Beseri. Maybe to you guys, it's not such a big deal, but in a certain perspective my life is still young, and when you don't really excel and got real bad results, it can really get to your nerves somehow. So yeah, when I get 3.22 for my pointer I can't help but to say, Alhamdulillah, finally

Still, my mum, my sis, my dad just have to still criticize me, and kept saying that I could have easily achieved 3.5 and above. Looking at my own result, which I had done so repeatedly on the way back home, perhaps that's the truth after all. Though I only got 2 A, the other 5 or so subjects is at very least B- and more. I mean, who in Tanah Melayu would get B for his Sejarah or Mesian Studies, Computer Literacy, and worse Islamic Edu. I could easily scored A for those, and the very least snatched a minimum of 3.5. So yuh, more regret in my life

The thing is, I'm just too lazy. LAZY

I could've blamed it on my bloodline. If the Arabic tall dudes is known for their temper as their vice, perhaps in my blood there's just pure laziness. Aha, but I do have some Arabic blood in m heritage also that came from my dad's forefathers, so I'm kind of both lazy and have high temper, which kind of sucks. But that is just stupid lah, to blame on something that is subjective and after all, it's Allah gift bestowed upon us for a reason. I know it is there, and so it will, therefore I know I can always go and change myself for the better. So, what's my problem here?

It's a simple tradition where people start a new azam or whatever they are called in Brits languange upon the arrival of new year's dawn. So in response to my family's "attentiveness" to my result, next time I'm gonna show them a perfect 4-flat result to shove at their beautiful faces. Or perhaps just 3.5 and above, hey we gotta aim for the moon, so that we can at least fall on the stars aite? So yuh, that's my numero uno azam this new year around. I'm just sick of regrets in my life, particularly on my studies

Hey, next sem around, the beloved Mr Shah will reorganise the whole 4 groups of the TESL Foundation boys and girls, so perhaps I will not be in the same group with most of my former groups, perhaps all of them. Numero dos azam next year around, I'm gonna make more friends, gotta kick away the old habit of being painfully shy and an anti-social bastard and start to be myself again

I don't want to brag (really, I mean, :P hehe, oh what the hell) I got A for my Grammar. Just wanna tell that, since both my sis and my dad insist on how bad my grammar is :P

4 hari lg balik Shah Alam pulak. Sapa nk ikut?


  1. and you laughed at my Add Maths results, pfft. but still, 41 is laughable. haha -_-"
    anyway, congrats on your results! do your best next time! of course you can do better but being lazy is just an honour, isn't it? oh, the dilemma! eheh.

  2. yeah2
    wtv jelaa hak3 :P

    thnkz dowh :)