5:18 AM

5:18 AM. It's been a long time since I got the opportunity to turn nocturnal and roam around into others personal space that they deliberately put up on the Net. Haha, skip that negativity, its people's right eh? Out of the blue I'm pointing this out, simply because my sis had somehow sneaked in to my blog, and wallah, cat outta the bag. That's kinda suck

Such is the price for the chance to write a blog this near subuh. Ya Rabbi, I kinda miss this kind of time, ya know? Last time I was at my another sis' house during the holidays, and imagine the amount of new things I've learned along the way. We all got the Net to thank for eh? Another point to score is, I got plenty of time to sit in front of a laptop and start writing a lengthy post such as this one. And ahh, today's a bit special, there's another reason why I started to write again

I've lost my cellphone, and I'm itching to release some stress here

So it happened. I don't want to talk much about it, 'cause I got stressed all over just thinking about that one. But darn it, I really want to say something, to somebody anyway anywhere. But you know, just forget it lah. When I'm scolded by my dad by about the next few hours, whereas should I be so bloody stressed to a boiling point, then I'll really start bitchin' about it. Sorry for the bad and rude choice of words, can't help it

BTN, BTN, yeah I haven't talked about that one yet, since I'm so preoccupied with my latest exam result. But lately, I haven't talked anything at all about, anything, pretty much write about it here. But being nocturnal do changes a certain thing, as with certain perspectives. So, BTN. What should I write about it. Definition, what, where, how, the normals

Biro Tatanegara. It is quite confidential in some ways that we're not allowed of our cellphone inside the camp (damn memories of my cellphone T_T) as to prevent us from outside contact. Will I be safe talking about it here? Mainly it is about... I myself don't have the mood to write in details about what BTN is all about, why bother worrying whether I'll be safe writing this one or not (mind ya, that's just sarcasm). If you wanna know what BTN is all about, go there for yourself, end of story

I just simpy want to talk about the activities there, what scar did it inflict on me, what happiness it temporarily brought upon me. First thing first, I got new friends. Especially from the Hawa side of the humanity. Since I'm just so painfully shy with the girls, it is hard for me to befriend them unless they are directly connected to me, e.g same class, similar friends, groups. Therefore, I'm kind of glad that BTN somehow gave me the chance to mingle with some of them and open up to people easier. Thing is, my family are worried about my aloofiness(?) in the society, and thought that I will not learn any social skills and ultimately transform me into a lonely freak that cowers in the presence of human being

Plus, that's what she told me to do before she left me forever for good

That aside, another thing about BTN is that it somehow pushed me for the better either physically or mentally. All the Kembara Hutan, flying fox, and stuff helped me move my big bottom a bit after weeks of pampering myself in front of the PS2, hey I got weight issues now :( heh. And the LDK provided by the facilitators there, mind-raking they are, my sleeps afterwards were accompanied by brain cramps. Get the idea? But through and through, I'm glad BTN sponsored all of this activities, as somehow my laziness is overpowered and I'm kind of revived, though for only a short while. Yatta!...

Hey, I can already start applying for my degrees now. Wonder how things will turn out afterwards...

Jitra-S.Alam-Ulu Sepri-S.Alam-Jitra-S.Alam, letih berjalan 2-3 menjak nih...


  1. huhu. all i can say is, if u don't want people (me) to read ur blog then the best thing to do is not to have one!
    my suggestion? buy one of those girly diaries (preferably pink) with locks and start writing in it. might give u the privacy u desperately crave for. kapish?

    -your loving sister (*o*)-

  2. u darn
    heheh, i know how to lock ur internet up
    don't think i don't have a trick up my sleeves