Until We Meet Again

Lost, lost, lost. My thing seems to keep going away from me. The ultimatum to such discovery is that the last time I travelled to Shah Alam by bus, I've lost all my apparels and stuff, stockings, underwear, you know. So yeah... Sad face, lingering by the roadside, putting an ugly miserable face for a show for people passing by

List of thing that disappeared from my life, things I kind of treasured
>RM200 plus that is the class' money for the Biology textbook. It was actually the first time that people believed in me and trusted in me over the responsibilities of handling the money. In spite of me, being aloof and all, and somebody just have to steal them...
>My very first Identification Card, or MyKad as they so insist to call, was lost just before the end of the year's holiday sometime I can't remember. Because of that, I almost missed the oppurtunity to accompany my mom on a trip somewhere I can no longer remember now
>Celcom RM10 prepaid. Sounds like nothing big aite? But because of it, I've lost my dad's trust on me, and how he scolded me and left me feeling insecured about myself, whether I can even trust myself
>Not once, but twice I've lost my pendrive. Thing is, inside it contains the pictures of so many of my old friends back in the MRSM era and my juniors, which of now I can never replace. Losing that one somehow felt like losing my friends back then, and the treasured memories that I hold dear
>Nokia 6120 classic that is the gift from my sis. It was like when I lost my pendrive, except that my phone contained the pics of my friends from the UiTM, and also lots of long-lost friends number that I might never see them again. Need I explain further more?
>Look up, it's the ultimatum I mentioned before

But, enough. I'm just sick of this own self-sympathy. When I lost the bag, all the rage somehow were channeled out of me, as I keep shouting and messing around and making bad and dirty jokes both at the same time (thanks to Pak Din and Amri for putting up with me XD poor guys). I felt myself more open to talk, instead of just holding back everything inside. Back then, when people blamed me for my misfortune, I just kept it inside of me, saying that it is truly my fault, I'm the weak guy, I'm the sad one, without really doing anything to change myself for the better

After much shouting at Kolej Meranti and playing DoTA at my sis' house, I felt relieved now and will try to change myself for the better. Haha revelations? Think for yourself

First step, less self-sympathy in this blog. Therefore, I'm changing my header to "Until We Meet Again". It kinda have some positive vibe to it, plus it reflects my own desire to see all of my old friends again

Start of sem 2, baju yang aku akan pakai semuanya adalah baju2 bundle XD


  1. Wow you play dotA ah?

    Agak susah bila hilang barang yang kesemuanya tu ada kepentingan tersendiri.

  2. yup, though only recently
    do u play too?


  3. Hahaha...Lalai lagi! Kahkahkah! Padan muka hang, kahkahkah! Hahhaha.. gurau ja,jangan marah. Lain kali beringat sikit. Hang ni memanjang buat lawak.... kuang,kuang,kuang! Jangan marah...........

  4. owhhh perli aku ya?!
    mampos ko balik bilik nnti!!