I'm never much of a resolution man, like, there's no just reason for us to set a resolution when it is new year when they all keep saying that the time to change is now. Ahah, whatever jelaa

But today, I'm starting a new resolution, be it my new year's resolution or 4th of January resolution. I'm gonna buy a new camera by the end of this semester. I will forget about buying a new latest cellphone to replace the old one, as the thing I'm so irritated is that it contains so many precious picture. So I will keep using the 'old' new cellphone of mine and finally buy myself a camera at last, heh, it's been my long time wish after all

So yuh, gotta start spending less and less money on food :P

Aku masuk kelas B, hampeh betul


  1. kelas b is not bad.

    anyway, yeah, me saving money too.
    we're team

    rmmber i ate telo masin and nasik puteyh
    yesterday? damn. still hungry man. ;k

  2. yea2
    b's not bad

    hoihh dh tapau aku still lapar lg ka??
    tau lapar tu masak telur masin senirik la pasni