Teacher Teacher

Who said that being a teacher is easy? Who said that you can just stroll into one class and calmly teach a class-full of every possible Tom, Dick and Harry that each have a different traits nurtured since birth to annoy every teacher they will ever meet?

Okay, just some bunch of students that you have never seen before, and they stare deep into your soul

Still, it won't make any difference on how you are going to face them all, especially it is your first time. Believe me, you will shake, you will tremble, you will want to cry and call out for mommy, you will want to just run out of the room and into an unknown land somewhere. Such is the scenario of facing a class day to day that our teachers face. Remind me to say thank you to them next time

Finally, one assignment done. Wonder when I'll be doing the others ehh?

Trima kasih banyak ya Teacher Ida :)


  1. oh my mom, sister, aunties, neighbours are teacher. and they complain a lot. hahaha, mati u. haha but its ok, its a noble job

  2. of course it is
    after going through all the students bla3...