Of The Palestinians

I got a message from my oldest sister yesterday which read like this, leader of the Hizbullah Syd Hassan Nasrallah had asked for the whole community of Muslims to read Al-Fath verse 26-27 and Yunus verse 85, 86 and 88 tonight so that the israelis will fall down. I did my part somehow by reciting the verse late that night in the same hope that the israelis will be crushed down and save the ever suffering Palestinians

But I can't help wondering, is it enough coming from my part?

If it were to fate that my sister didn't send me the message that night, perhaps I would've been again ignorant of the current situation and continued to mull over insignificant things in my life such as the problem of adapting to my new class. Of course I'd heard of the news on the TV on how the Gaza strip are being ruthlessly attacked right now, but really, until the message, back then I just don't give a damn

I won't elaborate on the current issues of the Palestinians or the reasons why we as both Muslim and Malaysians should help them as almost everybody are learned enough to understand it by themselves. I'm just posting this here post as a reminder of myself that I should have done more for Islam. Then I decided that I could have perhaps read on to other people's blog to see their opinion on the situation. And when I do read the other's blog, I get ashamed of their superior writing skills and deeper profound knowledge on Islam and the world itself, whereas here I am, troubled by trivial matters such as... I'm just too ashamed to write it out. Seeing them work hard to somehow save the Palestinian, through more than just a simple prayer by researching deeply into the manner and write something about it...

Try reading this one and perhaps you will understand

I guess its time to change eh? Time to read more subtle and informational stuff, not just Kreko or Gempak as I usually read, but also on the current news and articles, I have to be alert. I shall no longer be a frog under the coconut shell and just be contented with all the luxury that I have and lead a simple life. After all, isn't an informative and well-informed students is what were our ancestors were trying to produce in hope for a better Malaysian future aite? As a student myself, it is time to heed the call now and find my true calling

Have you heard of the news? The israelis are now using phosphorus-based projectiles to raid Gaza in a strategy known as shake-and-burn where the explosives burns a building and forces the people inside it to leave the building and be open to be killed by the damn israelis. Recently, a truck full of Palestinian women and children were hit with such monstrosity that all of them were killed and even the metal part of the truck were melted and blown to smithereens. Horrible isn't it...

Imagine that such tragedy would ever happen in Malaysia, Nauzubillahhiminzalik...

Masa untuk berubah, masa untuk buat kawan baru. Hohoiii...


  1. saya juga telah menjalankan apa yg saya mampu lakukan.
    free palestine.
    oic do something.
    un do something.
    muslims do something.
    free palestine.
    egypt do something.
    stop the boycotts towards palestine.
    boycots israel.

  2. thnkz emellia for coming in terms with me
    yup boycott israel

  3. how to exactly BOYCOTT israel?
    last night i talked to some peeps about mcd
    they said dont boycot mcd because of something
    which in my understanding, its malaysia's economically related.
    so what the f***? ;l

  4. don't make any hasty conclusion just yet
    if we don't know, we can do some research on our own or rather ask to somebody who knows better, rather than just listen to ongoing voices going around
    try reading this and perhaps u'll understand better