Missing You

I just barely missed her...

If only I would've waited for a moment longer, as one says that's all what it takes, or if only I would've woke up earlier, and it will be just perfect

Until we meet again, but I'm already missing you, truly

Rindu rumah, rindu Shah Alam. Kepala ku melayang-layang dibuai perasaan


  1. Shut up you faggot

  2. to the so called anonymous
    i won't
    bloody coward of a person

    to amri
    ank pi lari bilik haries watpa?

  3. Who the fuck was that anonymous? A so called keyboard warrior who got no balls for a fist fight? Dude, get a life. Your parents must be so worried with you at home, son. You must be a loser.

    P/s: I'm starving for a brawl. With keyboard warriors.

  4. hahaha pok deng
    thnkz for speaking what I'm meaning to say

  5. salam,

    just scrap off the anonymous post id.

    u can edit it at ur setting

    allowed only registered user comment


  6. Keyboard warriors always work me up. I don't know whether they could really hold a fist well. Or they might strong as a lion but of course, a lion will only strong when it comes with its herd. They will never fight alone.

    However, this case has got something to do with our Melayu's cynical proverb which sounds like: Baling batu sorok tangan kat belakang.

  7. to haries
    wtv jelaa, i don't mind anonymous post
    but nyways, thnkz 4 da tip! XD

    to pok deng
    hahaha, so true
    n thnkz 4 ur words of wisdom :)

  8. Eh, menyibuknya anonymous tu.

    On the other hand... who is she? Hahahaha. I should look into a mirror first huh? Cakap org. Gasp.

    Anyway, I think it's brave that you wrote that. :D

  9. hahah nad ooo nad
    thank youuuu...

    the girl? rahsia la

  10. Look here steakhead,

    I didn't ask for your 2 bit opinion of what was easier or harder and I am not complaining, (Believe me you'd know it if I was complaining) I asked a simple question. I didn't ask for a lecture on how you or anyone else does things.

  11. now now
    ur really dissin' me off dude
    when did u ask any quetions huh?
    u just started off throwing slurs at me, salam haram mana hilang xtau, lain la kalau ank bukan Islam
    n I ain't giving any lecture of some sort whatsoever, ingt aku suka sngt ka?
    n uhh, what the hell?! what was easier or harder, ur not complaining? what the hell r u trying to say man?
    mind telling in front of my face what's bugging n perhaps we can settle this one as a man ehh?

  12. Thanks for you


  13. alalalalala
    comel nya merindui rumah dan kaum keluarga.
    weyh,nnt aku pi s.alam ang bg setan tu kat aku k.

  14. to anonymous
    ahh forget it already

    to emellia
    bayar yee cik kak XD
    bla nk dtg sini?